Kayaker / Whale Image

This is a posting about my composite image of a kayaker in the mouth of a whale and how it has gone viral through the internet all over the world.  I have been hesitant to ever post this blog, but since I see so many others using my image for their own purposes… I now […]

Spokane Riverfront Park

On a recent trip to my hometown of Spokane, Washington, I took the opportunity to capture some images of Riverfront Park and the nearby surroundings in downtown Spokane.  All images below and more are available to purchase for prints and products at www.shobestudios.com by clicking the image. Click here for the Gallery of Riverfront Park […]

Alaska Surfers of Sitka

There are a few times during the year when the weather and tides combined will produce some decent conditions for some of the local surfers.  These images were captured here in Sitka on Wednesday at Sandy Beach. …(which really isn’t very ‘sandy’). The conditions are NOT much like what I used to witness in Hawaii, […]

Orcas in Eastern Channel

Today, while alone on the water, I found myself embedded in the middle of a pod of Orcas!  There were about 8 – 12 swimming full speed all around me and all headed towards out to the deeper waters after doing what appeared to be their normal pattern of behavior of scouring and sweeping the […]

Humpback Feeding in March 2010

What I learned in March 2010 while observing nature… HUMPBACK WHALES BUBBLENETTING The whales (about 5-6) would gather together and dive to the bottom.  From there, they would swim upward and in a circular motion while blowing bubbles in their way of collecting and pushing a large school of herring towards the top.  The first […]

‘Bearly’ Attacked

Early this afternoon, I found myself in the company of a bear on the prowl.  Even at a very close distance, it’s size was undetectable and I felt to be safe enough and away from this carnivorous creature known throughout Alaska as one of the most feared. At some point, the bear caught my scent […]