Humpback Feeding in March 2010

What I learned in March 2010 while observing nature…


The whales (about 5-6) would gather together and dive to the bottom.  From there, they would swim upward and in a circular motion while blowing bubbles in their way of collecting and pushing a large school of herring towards the top.  The first thing I would notice in my view would be the site and sound of thousands of herring breaking the surface of the calm water…like so:

Next, the whales all together would come pushing through the surface holding their mouths wide open in an attempt to collect as much herring to eat as they could…like so:

This would just last a few seconds, then they would settle down and swim around to pick up the scraps of whatever herring was left….like so:

And then sometimes, they would swim towards me and even all 5 at one time went under me in the boat….and a couple of times, they would get too close to me and I would move away as not to bother them.

For the short video of this event….

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  1. Libby says:

    So cool, I love the video!!

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