Alaska Surfers of Sitka

There are a few times during the year when the weather and tides combined will produce some decent conditions for some of the local surfers. ┬áThese images were captured here in Sitka on Wednesday at Sandy Beach. …(which really isn’t very ‘sandy’).

The conditions are NOT much like what I used to witness in Hawaii, but for the people desperate enough to surf and to brave the chilly waters, I don’t think they care.

As for me, I would have preferred better lighting for better photos, but it was still entertaining to watch them.

Several suerfers awaiting the next set of waves as a commercial fishing boat passes by.

Tachi catching a decent wave on his Boogieboard.

Tachi moving fast through the 43 degree water.

'Waimea-like' waves!

The way that I would probably bodysurf.....

Now back to work....

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