Orcas in Eastern Channel

Today, while alone on the water, I found myself embedded in the middle of a pod of Orcas!  There were about 8 – 12 swimming full speed all around me and all headed towards out to the deeper waters after doing what appeared to be their normal pattern of behavior of scouring and sweeping the area in search of food.

At first, there was 3 in front of me, 2 to the left, 1 right behind me and atleast 3 to the right.

Below are a few of the images from this incredible experience.  The photos are not ‘top quality’ as I was in a moving boat and they were moving very fast.  The lighting was poor and well…

1 of the 3 in front of me:

This is what it looks like to have an orca following you.

It appeared to be a family affair with a young one staying close by.

One orca breached 4 times in a row and I was able to capture 2 of them:

Twice, an orca swam right underneath my boat!

Watching a few orcas swim to the deeper waters.  In the background, a cruise ship is anchored while guests are visiting Sitka.

For a look at where this all happened:

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2 Responses to “Orcas in Eastern Channel”

  1. Mary Zirkle says:

    Tim – Awesome experience, you lucky guy!

  2. Charles Shobe says:

    Super-Super Photos….

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